Every day HR leaders make purchase decisions for software and services based on false assumptions and a lack of accurate information. Meanwhile, the sales and product offerings of HR solution providers often miss the mark of true HR buyer needs. This gap is costing millions of dollars and thousands of lost hours each year. The HR buyer sees black, the vendor white, the truth is gray. We replace assumption and falsehoods with truth and reality for both HR Buyers and HR Solution Providers. We mind the gap.

What we do (Mind The Gap)

HRxAnalysts is the first company to treat the HR Industry as a mature marketplace teeming with brands and customers. Our job is to quantify the people who work in HR, their needs and ambitions. Simultaneously, we quantify the elements of the brands of the companies that serve those HR workers.

HRxAnalysts is the only company in the world that measures and reports on the psychographics of the HR profression. We have just completed the largest ever survey of the attitudes, demographics, lifestyle choices, politics and attitudes of the people of HR. From us you can learn about the career choices they make, the way they spend their time, and what makes them tick.

We are also the only company that measures the difference between a vendor’s intention for their brand and the way that buyers and users perceive it. Our surveys range from customer satisfaction to an apples to apples comparison of functionality in the various HR silos.

In all communications, there is an inevitable difference between the message that is sent and the message that is received. This is really true in the HR Marketplace. The story the vendor tells and the narrative the HR customers get are always going to be different.

We help vendors understand how they fit in the market and what customers think of them. The brand that matters is in the mind of the customer or potential customer. We help vendors see their brand and understand what the market is asking.

We give voice to the desires and realities of life in the HR work world. Vendors benefit from having a clear, projection free, quantified picture of the real world. People who work in HR benefit from a market that more clearly understands their needs and requirements. The HR Profession benefits from having a single source quantified narrative about its work and values.

Mostly, we ‘Mind The Gap’. We’ve taken this everyday caution on British subways and applied it to our work. We mind the gap between brand promise and performance. We mind the gap between stereotype and reality in the HR Workforce. We mind the gap in the HR Industry.

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