HRxAnalysts was formed as a strategic partnership in January 2011 by HRExaminer and Starr Tincup.

HR industry veteran George LaRocque is President of HRxAnalysts and John Sumser acts as Principal Consultant.


George LaRocque, HRxAnalyst President“One of the biggest brand challenges in this industry is the lack of differentiation,” said LaRocque. “Too many companies are trying to be all things to all people. That’s not a winning strategy, and I believe that our research and analysis will show companies in this space how to position themselves as unique and appeal to buyers.”
– George LaRocque
John Sumser, principal consultant at HRExaminer and managing editor of HRExaminer“Creating the essential elements of sales and marketing that help buyers overcome their skepticism, confusion and fear is hard work. And it requires a lot of information about the buyer. Unfortunately, information about the HRS buyer has heretofore been hard to come by. The combination of competitive marketing rhetoric, the changing role of HR and shifting technology make for a cluttered marketplace. There is nearly uniform agreement that one brand is often misunderstood for another.”
- John Sumser