John Sumser

John Sumser, Principal Consultant HRxAnalystsJohn Sumser is the principal consultant for HRxAnalysts and founder and managing editor of The HRExaminer Online Magazine. John explores the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital.

Over his career John has routinely advised Human Resources, Recruiting Departments and Talent Management teams with product analysis, HR Technology, market segmentation, positioning, strategy and branding guidance.

More about John

John understands the inner workings of employment and recruiting. He is able to see and articulate how and why people work.

This is partly because John has worked a lot of jobs—from selling doughnuts door-to door, digging ditches and building railroads to corporate executive, director, editor, and CEO. He knows that making the right hiring decision requires both breadth and precision, and that finding the right person for the right job is a process that must adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

The foundation of John’s interest in recruiting was how to use developing technology to find candidates that were inaccessible before. John was on the cutting edge of how the internet and technology affect work and recruiting. He became interested in the internet in its embryonic stages when it was known as the Well. His conversations with folks in the San Francisco Bay Area developed into a position as Executive Director of the Point Foundation and publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog, where he met and worked with many of the founders of Silicon Valley.

In 1995, John started his own company, Interbiznet, where he wrote a daily column on using the internet and technology for employment recruiting as well as a survey of global employment news and trends. His ideas have been the catalyst for dozens of new companies and countless MBA student papers.

In 2007, John sold Interbiznet and continued to write for the industry at before starting in 2009.