Announcing HRxAnalysts

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Announcing HRxAnalysts

January 21, 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Media contact: John Sumser, (415) 683-0775

HRExaminer, Starr Tincup Create HRxAnalysts to Gather Research into Human Capital Solutions Buyers, Brands

New entity will develop research into HCM buyers and brands,
as well as offer a social media channel to reach HR buyers

Bodega Bay, California (January 21, 2011) – HRExaminer, the online magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital, is pleased to announce the creation of a strategic partnership with Starr Tincup, the premier full-service marketing agency dedicated to the human capital management (HCM) solutions industry. The result of this partnership will be the creation of a new entity, HRxAnalysts, focused on developing independent research into HR buyers and providers of HR software and services.

The move was announced today by John Sumser, HRExaminer founder, author and editor-in-chief, and Bret Starr, Starr Tincup founder and partner. It was also announced that HRxAnalysts will be led by industry veteran George LaRocque. HRxAnalysts will focus on three core areas:

  • Analyst services: The first HRxAnalyst psychographic research into HR buyers is underway, to be followed later in the year with a breakthrough study on brand perception and influence in the HCM industry.
  • Consulting: HRx will offer expertise and insight to HCM technology and services vendors to assess the marketplace and carve out a differentiated position.
  • Media: Traditional media approaches, such as print and electronic ads and email, have a place, but to reach HCM buyers today, companies need to leverage social media in a different way. HRx offers a unique “asymmetrical” approach to social media that will change the way vendors reach HR and HCM buyers.

“This is not a mere ‘press-release partnership’ like so many in this industry,” said John Sumser, of HRExaminer. “This partnership will move from concept into action and ultimately be successful because George LaRocque is involved. And with him in the lead, HRxAnalysts is poised to provide unprecedented insight into the attitudes, actions and perceptions of HR buyers and sellers and engage them in several ways.”

Bret Starr of Starr Tincup said: “There is a surprising lack of information in the human capital space about the attitudes, behaviors and perceptions of actual practitioners. “Through this research, I believe that we can develop extensive, statistically valid, on-going data models that provide real-time visibility into perceptions of HR solutions buyers. Do they perceive one talent management brand to be stronger than another? What tools do they use? What tools do they like or not like? Now we can know and track these changes over time.”

To say that HRxAnalyst president George LaRocque is an HCM industry legend is no overstatement. Starting in 1988, he worked in the staffing market where for 10 years he built teams and companies focused on Recruitment Process Outsourcing/InSourcing, Executive Search, Contract and Permanent Placement. In 1998, he joined HireSystems, which became BrassRing (now Kenexa). He led BrassRing’s revenue growth from zero to $50 million in five years. He has also held executive positions for TalentTechnology (HireDesk), Bullhorn and others. LaRocque will also continue in his role as director of revenue consulting at Starr Tincup, where he helps technology and services vendors in the Human Capital market assess the marketplace and themselves.

“One of the biggest brand challenges in this industry is the lack of differentiation,” said LaRocque. “Too many companies are trying to be all things to all people. That’s not a winning strategy, and I believe that this research will help us show companies in this space how to position themselves as unique and appeal to buyers.”
For more information, contact George LaRocque at or (707) 702-1080.

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HRExaminer is an online magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital based in Bodega Bay, Calif.



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