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HRxAnalystsHave you read the new report from HRxAnalysts, “What HR Thinks and Feels”? Whether or not you’ve purchased the report (it costs $1,195), you’ll probably want to attend the webinar April 19 at noon Central time.

If you already have something scheduled for that time slot, you should cancel it. We will not be distributing copies of the presentation, and the webinar will not be recorded (HRxAnalysts usually charges for this data). This is a one-time-only presentation of the data from “What HR Thinks and Feels.”

George LaRocque of HRxAnalysts

Join George LaRocque, President of HRxAnalysts, John Sumser, Principal Analyst HRxAnalysts and Bret Starr from Starr Tincup for this one-time-only webinar

Register for the webinar “What HR Thinks and Feels” (April 19 at noon Central time).

The webinar is hosted by Starr Tincup and features the big brass from HRxAnalystsGeorge LaRocque (CEO) and John Sumser (principal analyst) along with Bret Starr for color commentary. You probably know this already, but Starr Tincup is the underwriter for HRxAnalysts, a new firm aimed at understanding brand influence in the HCM market segment.

What’s Up with This Webinar?

This webinar will share the results from the latest HRxAnalysts report: “What HR Thinks and Feels.”  The report is based on a three-year study of the demographics, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of HR professionals. I like to think of it as “the secret lives of HR pros.” Check out the table of contents:

  • Demographics
  • Career
  • Competencies
  • Infographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure Activities
  • Outlook

It’s easy to  see how the information could be used to create industry-specific sales techniques, refine requirements for HCM products and services or even HR career development.

We will share a lot of the data in this webinar.

Register for the webinar “What HR Thinks and Feels” (April 19h at noon Central time).

Here is an example of the data we will share in the webinar:


Overall, certifications among HR professionals are common. And while directors and executives are more likely to have certifications than managers and generalists, the gap isn’t very large:

  • 41% of generalists have a ce rtification
  • 53% of managers have one
  • 59% of directors have one
  • 56% of executives have one

HR professionals are more likely to have a major certification (PHR, SPHR or GPHR) the higher they climb up the corporate ladder:

  • 29% of generalists have one of the major HR certifications
  • 43% of managers have one
  • 44% of directors have one
  • 44% of executives have one

The type of certification also varies according to rank. The PHR is more common among generalists and managers than the SPHR:

  • 17% of generalists hold a PHR, while 12% hold an SPHR
  • 22% of managers hold a PHR, while 17% hold an SPHR

The SPHR is more common among directors and executives:

  • 25% of directors hold an SPHR, while 18% hold a PHR
  • 33% of executives hold an SPHR, while 12% hold a PHR

The GPHR is rare among all ranks in HR.

That’s one of about 1,000 data points in the report (no kidding). And we’ll be sharing many of them on the webinar.

Register for the webinar “What HR Thinks and Feels” (April 19 at noon Central time).

Hope you can make it.

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